Fucked my hot neighbour Part 1

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Fucked my hot neighbour Part 1

Hi, I am Maddy. This story is about my first sexual encounter with my neighbor, Sonakshi, a very /girl/hot-girl/">hot girl who lived in the adjacent house. Both our families were good friends. Major festivals we used to spend together. It was when Sonakshi was getting married in some months, I noticed her lustfully. She had grown up well into a /bbw/bbw-mature/">bbw mature woman already. Good height of around 57" slim and fit body, Long black hair, fair complexion, firm round 34D boobs and nice /busty/busty-ass/">busty ass.

I was of same height, average build, but i always considered her to be out of my league. She was 25 and I was turning 19 in some months.

Both our families were going to attend a wedding out of town for 2 days and both of us were alone in our respective homes. It had happened a lot of time before. But this time it was my /english/">english exam the next day for which i was taking Sonakshis help.

We were at my place. She gave me some chapter to read and was busy with her phone texting, maybe with her friend or boyfriend. She went to have some water for herself from the kitchen keeping the phone on the table. The phone gave a notification of a video. She came back and got busy with her phone again. She tilted her phone making it clear that she was watching a video. I could not help keep noticing her and her expressions. Clearly, it was a porn video. After a while, she looked restless. She gave me some chapters to read and asked me to come at her place when i am done with them. I agreed, anyway she was causing a lot of disturbance in my mind and in my pants. She went to her place. I continued studying. In just some time i had a doubt so i decided to go to her place and study there only. I locked my home and rang her doorbell. Nobody answered. I got concerned. I knew a back entry to their house so i used it and that door was not locked so i got into the house. I called out her name but no reply. I quietly went to her room and what i saw was something out of this world.

Sonakshi was lying on a couch, her skirt lifted, with no /panties/mature-panties/">mature panties on. She was watching a video on her phone with earphones on and was touching herself to it. My body froze and /underwear/">underwear tightened to see a smoking hot girl masturbating live in front of me. That too Sonakshi, thinking about who i had jacked off countless times.

She had little hair on her pink pussy which was already wet by now. She was xxx sex video download free com breathing heavily. Her boobs were bursting out of her black tank top. I didnt know how i can join her action. So i thought of a plan. I took out my phone and made a small video of her fingering herself. I entered the room surprising her. She flew off the couch highly shocked. She pulled down her skirt covering her asset and removed earphones shouting at me for what i was doing here.


I asked her, "what were you doing?"

No answer. She couldnt look into my eyes.

I came close to her, held her by her arms and said,

"Sonakshi, i am old enough to know what you were doing there. And i really liked watching you do it."

"Dont say all this", she said, "Its already embarrassing. I dont know what to say. Just leave the house."

"Dont make me go tough on you girl, I have a video of you masturbating. Do you want me to send it over to people?"

I showed her the video.

She got nervous. "Are you blackmailing me?

What do you want?"

"I want you to finish off the show for me"

She took a pause and to my /surprise/">surprise, she agreed at once. Maybe she herself wanted to finish off the business.

She sat on the couch again, lifted her skirt and started fingering again looking at the porn video.

I saw her from top to bottom. It was hot.

I took out my cock from my pants as it started hurting inside and started stroking it. She stopped looking at the video and stared at my thick 7" cock, covered with pre-cum.

I couldnt control myself, took off my pants and put the cock on her lips. She was so aroused by the real thing happening that she surrendered with no force.

She sucked me and licked my cock from top to bottom. She stroked my cock hard, squeezed to take out the pre-cum and rolled over her tongue on top of the cocks head to lube it badly.

I was feeling as if she will suck my soul out of my penis. I went out of control.

I removed all of our clothes wildly and climbed on top of her. She wasnt resisting. I put my cock at her entrance and pushed it deep inside in one stroke. She screamed sexxxx video ful hd on top of her voice. I didnt move and stayed like that till she calmed down. I looked at my cock. It was covered with some blood.

"You are a virgin?"

"Not anymore", she replied with a smile and tears in her eyes. "Now fuck me good. I have fantasized about it a lot of times with you. Fuck me please."

I started moving my body. It was paining her initially. But in 5-10 strokes, she joined the rhythm. She grabbed my butt cheeks forcing me to push deeper. I started pounding on her heavily and couldnt last more than 20 mins in that /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy. I took my cock out and sprayed all over her body.

We lied on the couch for sometime.

She got up wearing her clothes and said with a smile,

"This chapter was not in course. Get back to English.

And delete the video from your phone, we will make a better one after your exam tomorrow."