Hotel Lesbians

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Hotel Lesbians

Donna and Catherine had been experiencing feelings toward each other for quite some time. They were not sure how to tell each other or deal with it.

One afternoon Donna and Catherine were on the road to go meet some friends in at a convention. The /trip/">trip was going to take more than a day, and they would have to stop at a hotel on the way. They made reservations at a Holiday Inn and stopped for the night. Before bed they decided to go to the indoor pool for a swim.

While swimming their feelings for each other grew stronger and they began to express how they felt. Donne pulled Catherine gently under the water and gave her a deep pasionate kiss, slowly sliding her tongue in and exploring the others mouth. Shocked that Donna had done this Catherine decided it was her turn. "Lets get back to the room" Catherine whispered into Donna's ear. Grinning "OK!" Donna replied.

On the way to the room they shared adventurous glances toward each other, taking in the full veiw of the others body. Donna was excited and could barely stand it anymore, she longed to just jump onto Catherine right there in the hallway. the wwwxxx As they reached the door Catherine pulled out the key and opened it, as they entered Catherine grabbed Donna and shared another pasionate kiss with her. Kicking the door shut Catherine began untieing Donnas string bikini taking in the full glimpse of her all at once, her dark brown hair and hazel eyes, gently curving complexion and her perfect 36C breasts. As the top of Donnas bikini top slid from her shoulders Catherine admired Donna's large erect nipples. Quickly shifting her position Catherine took one nipple into her anxious mouth and began to move her hand down to Donna's bikini bottom. Sliding the botom of Donna's bikini off Catherine slowly worked her way down to Donna's hot dripping clit kissing every inch of her belly on the way down. As she reached Donna's hot spot she genlty masaged the top of it arousing Donna much more.

"Oh, oh, Catherine!" Donna moaned. Catherine began to lick Donna's labia working her way into Donna's /hole/fuck-hole/">fuck hole. Catherine licked and sucked her way into Donna's pussy. Donna began pumping her hips wwwxxx into Catherines face as her orgasm approached. "OH OH OH" Donna's screams peirced the air. Suddenly Donna's muscles tightened and she came with everything she had. Catherine Swallowed everything the could get into her mouth and lapped up what she had missed.

Pleased she had done such a good job on Donna, Catherine Gently whispered into her ear "Now, it's your turn to please me."
Donna did as she was told and began removing Catherines bikini. Going straight for Catherines pussy she slowly slid two fingers in and out gently fingering her. "Yes Donna, YES" Catherine moaned.
Donna began licking Catherines clit while still fingering her moving her fingers in and out, faster and faster. Removing her fingers Donna sucked and licked at Catherines soaked pussy, taking in every bit of juices she could muster. Catherine grabbed Donna's hair and pushed her head into her steaming /clit/hot-clit/">hot clit. Donna began rubbing Catherines 34B breasts as she shoved her tongue deeper and deeper into Catherine. As Catherine approached her /climax/">climax her hips began to buck as she screamed "MORE MORE MORE, FUCK ME DONNA!" Finally she came, her muscles tightened and she siddenly stopped, as she let out soft moans of pleasure. Donna licked up every bit of juice that had been spilled, and blurted out "thats /best/best-sex/the-best-sex/">the best sex ive had in a long time."

Catherine and Donna had many more adventures soon after their first in the hotel. But i will include those in later stories.