Chinny the hot girl

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Chinny the hot girl

I live a very nucleated neighborhood with my parent in Aba but we are from Onitsha. My /dad/">dad is a peasant farmer who always travel to the village to work on his farm every planting season. My mum is a petty trader who tries her best to sustain the family.

I was sent to a local secondary school in our area in Aba. In school I was not what you can call the popular figure because I was somewhat reserved and timid. I had a crush on a girl in school then whom I wanted to fuck, which I did but that is for another story.

After secondary school I had to stay at home for four years because my parents could not send me to the university. After four years my uncle decided to sponsor my education. I became very happy because my dream was to become an engineer and my uncle has promised to make my dreams come true.

I gained admission into a university in Nigeria to study chemical engineering. Due my intelligence I made a lot of /friend/new-friend/">new friend even girls come to me at anytime many times I end up fucking most of them in my room I never lacked anything in school because I became like a baby to lots of girls who come to my room for studies which normally ends with me having my 9inches back cock buried deep inside their hot, wet and tight pussies. I stopped calling my parents for money until I got very sick and need to go home.

When I got home, my mum was so happy to see me because I have been away for 7months. In the evening when I came out to see my friend. I notice this beautiful, sexy and charming girl sitting in a shop just in front of my friends house. I asked my friend who she was he told me that she started coming there just a month ago. I asked him who her boyfriend is and he said that nobody have been able to get her.

I told that I will use the influence of an undergraduate that I am to get her because girls in my place who not in the university love dating undergraduates. My friend told my that it will not work because many guys better than me didnt succeed. I almost gave up until I saw her ass, I went /crazy/">crazy.

I left for school and came back again after 3months to find out that nobody has win her yet. I made up my mind to make a move but was /scared/">scared. One day I saw her and she gave me a smile and then greet me. I introduced myself and asked for her name she said her name is chinny and that she is 20yrs old. From that day we became friend. We went out together after sometime we made kissing just that and nothing more.

One day we went out n I pay for a room in a guesthouse. When we got into the room she took off her cloths leaving only her bra and panties on. I was stunned by her beauty I went and grabbed her, we kissed with our tongues playing with each other. After sometime I undressed and we became fully nude with my nine inches black cock hanging in the air.

We went 2 the bed and enter into 69 position she was sucking my cock and I was lick, sucking and fingering her pussy. We continued like this for ten mins then she turned around and lay on her back. I got between her legs and positioned my cock at her pussy lips and slid in so easily because she went so wet. I fucked her in position until I came inside her pussy, she got up an sucked my cock until it got hard again.

She went on all fours stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv I fucked her /sweet/">sweet /cunt/cunt-hole/">cunt hole from white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie behind until I came again flooding her pussy with cum. She later fucked me with heq on top until we got exhausted. Now she is planning of visiting me in school for a weekend. It will be fun.