Jen and Roger and Stu and Shirley and others

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Jen and Roger and Stu and Shirley and others

Jen was a bit annoyed with Roger as she sat with her second cup of coffee. At least she told herself she was annoyed. The thing that sort of irked her most was that she felt she should be irked, but when she looked inside she could find no reason to be. She had always been taught that a man should be able to expect fidelity from his wife, and that expectation should be enough to keep a girl on the straight and narrow. His bantering remarks at breakfast had at first confused her, enough before the first coffee, then upset her. There was quite a lot to life that she had to find out, she was aware of that, and in the half year of wedlock she had adapted, she thought, quite well. She no longer objected to an impromptu romp somewhere other than bed, and at other times than bedtime. She had learned to quite enjoy some of the better porn that Roger had introduced her to. But that she should have an affair, that was a bit much to digest quickly.

Jen knew the characters in the porn flicks were meant to suggest any number of deviant relationships, and that was all right. Its only fiction, right? It doesn't happen in real life except in deranged imaginations. So when Roger had plugged the DVD in and a film came on, it was OK that Carl and Ivy were there. Nothing could happen between two married couples, could it? The film was not XXX. More like XX, really. The only niggling little problem with that was, it actually had a plot of sorts, and worse, the plot was plausible. The scenes unfolding could with a bit of imagination happen in a normal life. That thought alone made Jen a bit tense as the film worked its effects its audience. That was troubling to her as well. AS far as she could see, she was the only one whose mind it had crossed that the plot could spill over onto her couch. She had evened determined to fight off Carl with her last shred of virtue should anything off-colour be suggested. When it didn't happen, she had to admit to herself her mind, if not outright dirty, was at least a bit off-white.

"That was a fun flick, last night", Roger had remarked , as he put her coffee in front of her. That as the first adjustment she had had to make, letting her man do some of the domestic chores. Making breakfast was a natural. She didn't wake up well, and he insisted on it, but it rubbed against her training.

"Can you imagine people actually living like that, though? "
"Maybe not quite as liberal as that, but you might be surprised to know that people actually do live like that. In this town. Probably on this block. It has probably happened in this house, even, and might well happen again"
She searched his face for clues to what if anything he might be getting at. He teased a lot, and her inexperience made her an easy mark. But he had learned when to ease up and not push real forced anal against her will her over the edge. They both knew he had a lot more life experience than his young bride, and she accepted that she would have to take a bit of coaching to adapt to living without mother around. Hadn't they fucked on the couch right after Carl and Ivy had left last night? His face lost its teasing look and he laid the bomb on her.

"I want you to clear your mind of everything you have been taught about right and wrong," Roger said gently, in the voice she had learned to trust as sincere, " Imagine yourself in the missionary position, all excited and wet. Just like last night. Really hot and juicy. Imagine a cock pushed against your pussy. What would it do?"
She squirmed. She might be a , but she had an imagination. "It would go in."
"It would go in," he agreed, "And if by chance ti turned out to be not my cock, but Carl's, it would still go in. Simple physics."

She had flushed dark, "But that's silly. You wouldn't let Carl do that, and neither would I", A pregnant pause as Roger watched the emotions play across her face. And then a gasp and start as something nudged her memory. "That's not what Carl had in mind when he grabbed my knee when the slutty one was getting it on with the metre reader, was it? He wasn't coming on to me?"
"Just being friendly, I expect. Can't guarantee it, mind you. Here's something for you to think about , though. This isn't a suggestion, or an order, or anything like that. I just bet you that sometime inside the next say five years you will feel somebody else's cock in you. It will be with your OK, and it will be , and you will do it xnxxv sunny leone video more than once." Roger studied her incredulous face."A few months ago you thought sex was something you had to do to make babies. Now you know all the tricks how not to have babies, and you like nooky more than any woman I have known. When you think about it, you"re hornier than any of the bimbo's in that movie. There is no need to rush this, but I just bet that eventually you will be in the situation of thinking you should say no, but not wanting to, and you won't say no. And afterwards, you will still be my little angel. Your little pussy will still feel just as nice to me. Maybe better, because he might teach you a new trick or two I haven't even dreamed of."

So now Jen added more sugar to her coffee and stewed. She had hotly contested the whole idea, of course, but what made it worse, she could feel that she was "protesting too loudly". Roger had cuddled her and calmed her, and left for work, and she was left to sift through the rubble of her mind and sensibilities. She found herself one minute thinking what nonsense it was, then, in the next blink, wondering who it might be. What really bothered her was that she was sure that Roger wasn't having her on, that he believed what he was telling her, and, so far at least, all he had told her in that tone had come to be. So while she had no desire to fuck the delivery man or anyone else, she was beginning to have doubts that she wouldn't.

After the dishwasher was loaded and the bed was made, Jen's mind was a bit calmer. As she cast around for something useful to do next, she decided on a whim to watch the movie of the night before again. This time as it unfolded, she put herself in the place of the actress. What was impressed on her reluctant mind was that the attitudes that some of the cast espoused at least were not that different from her own. The acting was a bit thin, but basically it was,"No, I'm a nice girl, put that thing away. OK, lets fuck". She thought of Carl's touch and wondered if he was trying his luck, and wondered if Ivy had noticed..

Her thoughts were short-circuited by the door bell. Jen quickly hit the pause button and went to the front door before it clicked that it was the back door that had chimed. At the back door was a neighbour two doors down with the oversize zuchini every neighbour of a gardener is familiar with. Still, it was a nice gesture, and he was a nice old man who had already won her over with dozens of witty old tales. So he shared the last of the coffee pot with her. She let her mind get away from the recent turmoil, and he basked in the glow of a pretty young lady. It wasn't till after he left that she thought to shut down the TV and DVD. There still on the screen was the still image of the slutty one being bent over the kitchen table so that the metre reader could enter her from behind. In a panic, Jen checked the sight-lines to where the old gardener had sat. He would have had to crane his neck, but she could not be sure he hadn't seen the TV.

AS she pondered the possibility, she felt herself getting warm with dread of being caught. Shit!!! Why did this old guy have to be the one that rang the bell? Couldn't it have been a young, clean cut, grocer boy like in the flicks? Wait a minute, it's a good thing it was the old man, he's harmless. Whoa, girl, are you saying if it was the young grocery boy you would have fucked him? Jesus, Roger is right. I'm as slutty as anyone else, maybe more. I probably will fuck some strange guy, maybe lots. Did Roger mean one guy lots or lots of guys once? I think I better go for a run...
The day passed, as days will. It was a month later that the spark was rekindled. The news filtered home that a workmate had found out that his wife had been having an affair. He hadn't caught her. A nosy neighbour had noticed a man calling in during the day and had stationed himself close enough to the house to detect noises that could only be sexual in nature when they forgot to close the windows. He had tailed Tom until he was able to get him alone, and then gave him a blow by blow of that and other encounters.

Tom had tried to laugh him off, but the busybody was adamant that the right thing be done, and the wife had gone off to visit family. As far as the busybody was concerned, a scarlet lady had got her just rewards and his neighbour owed him a debt of gratitude. Roger was one of the few who got the real story. Tom and his wife had experimented with swapping with another couple. Because the other guy worked shifts, he could only see Laurie in the day. Tom just as often visited Ruth in the evening, often with Laurie in tow. Now tom was taking a sideways promotion to another branch, and Laurie was already living in their new house where he would join her soon. Lesson in discretion.

Days home alone Jen thought of the affair. First in line was the thought that here was a woman who she knew only slightly, but was definitely in her near circle who had fucked at least one man, and that a great many times. Moreover, her marriage had survived. Indeed, it hadn't even had a back-ward step. The forced move was no more than a caveat to be careful, not a warning to walk the straight path. In idle moments, Jen wondered if the strange man missed Laurie, or if she missed him. She wondered if the couple might make an odd trek to visit the other for a wild weekend. At times like these, Jen would grow quite hot with ..well, she wasn't sure what she was hot with, but she knew she was hot, and , dammit, she hoped they did get together and have a wonderful time. Often she would remember Roger's prophesy, and in whimsy at least wonder when her Lothario would charge in.

Carl and Ivy about that time got pregnant. Their new focus on life meant they seldom had time for Roger and Jen, and their place was taken by Stu and Shirley. Stu had been Tom's replacement, and as such was Rogers immediate superior, but not so as to call him a boss. Just slightly senior on the same job. Stu was almost forty, double Jen's age, and more than ten years older than Roger, but he had a young man's fancy, and a young wife of twenty two. She had been his executive secretary, but he soon decided he would rather have her in a love nest than making coffee for his meetings. The arrangement suited her. Stu was a bit of a dog, and she didn't mind if people called her a bitch. So she said, anyway. Jen was drawn to them because shirl was so worldly wise and relaxed about the feelings and experiences she had. Shirl was the lady who had lived the day dreams Jen had been having for past few months. As Jen saw how well shirl had survived, she felt less fear and more excitement in her own fantasies.
Stu made her back up a bit. He was a handsome devil, sharp dresser, had courtly manners, and knew all of the above. He gave the impression that a moment's inattention would leave her helpless against his intentions. Any time they were together she would wonder if this was the time he would press his advantage and fuck her. The fact that the weeks went by without it happening did nothing to ease her mind. By this time, she knew herself well enough to see that she wanted to be fucked, and Stu was the obvious culprit. He seemed more her age every day, and sexier with every complement he paid her. But aside from pats and looks to acknowledge he was aware of how sexy she was making herself, he took no initiative in her seduction. As she fucked Roger after these evenings, she often wondered if Stu knew the seduction had already happened.

Then one night while they were making love, and the juices were just below boiling, and Roger was pumping his love into her, she called him Stu. She didn't know it at the time, she was too tied up in her own orgasm. She had been studying a book of sex and was finding ways of getting obscenely high of late, and this was the best yet. So when Roger looked down fondly on her after a long afterglow period and asked her how long she had been fucking Stu, she was confused and stunned.

"Stu hasn't fucked me. He hasn't even come on to me. Why do you think we did it?"
"Wishful thinking, I guess. Being called Stu does sort of tell me you having been thinking of it. You could do worse, you know. I can't see a girl like Shirl sticking with a guy who isn't pretty good."
"Did I really do that?" Jen's brain cast about for a reasonable excuse for calling out for Stu, admitted to herself she had been fantasizing and was probably guilty as charged, and found not even a straw to grasp at.

Numbly, she heard Roger chuckle into her hair,"There is nothing wrong with wanting to fuck Stu. Just ask Stu, I'm sure he'll agree. He thinks every sane woman wants him. Maybe he's right. You"re one of the sanest women I know."
"I"ve been waiting for him to fuck me. I dress and act sexy, but it just doesn't happen. .
One minute I"'m relieved it didn't happen, the next I wonder what's the matter with me. Are you sure what you said about me having an affair/"
"So Stu has a trigger you haven't found yet. You will. Remember this is a five year plan. You have lots of time, they won't be going away any time soon. Now I think You"d better go to sleep and dream naughty dreams."

There were no dreams, but the next morning found Jen restless and excited. She managed to get Roger off to work without his commenting, but her tummy was so tight with recklessness she couldn't even drink her coffee without effort. She tried to keep busy around the house, but spent more time and effort daydreaming than anything else. She was dusting around the living room when she realized she was nude, having dropped her robe somewhere in the last room. She was aware there was only glass between her skin and anyone passing by, and regretted that the room was too dark for them to see in anyway. She walked straight up to the big window to dare physics to expose her, but was not even rewarded.