A Lazy Summer Day

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
A Lazy Summer Day

A lazy summer day. I was lying, naked on our bed, casually masturbating. My wife had been reading, sitting up beside me, also naked as she liked to be when it was warm. Now she was in another room, the radio was playing classical music.

"Are you just going to lie there all day?" she called, "or shall we do something more exciting?"
"This is quite exciting, especially when I pause, just as I'm about to come and,when it's subsided a bit, I start again, and so on."
"It looks boring to me" she said,standing at the door, "What do you think about when you are wanking like that, fantasies with other /women/">women or men, or what?"

"Mostly just about what I am doing and feeling" I said."But just now I was remembering what happenned to me the other day. I don't think I told you that I got fucked in the arse just when I was sucking off another fellow, and, what do you think, another man was sucking me off at the same time!"

"You lovely, disgusting man. Why do you get all the fun?"
"I make it!" I said. "Anyway, you have fun also. You can do as you like and tell me or not as you like, that's our arrangement, isn't it?"
I was still lying there wanking while we were talking.

"Tell me something that you haven't yet told me," I said.

She thought a minute and then said "I had an experienceonce once when I was buying a pair of boots. The assistant was a young man who put the boots on me, zipped the first one right up to near the knee and let his hand go a bit further up my leg. Then, as I had said nothing, when bokep sma pecah perawan he zipped the other up, he just went further up with his hand,
and slipped his fingers into my panties and started to play with me. Although I was embarrassed, I still found it exciting and nice, and started to move against him until he put his fingers right up into my cunt."

"What happened then?" I asked her, while wanking faster.
"I think I would have let him do anything he wanted, but another customer came in, so that was that!"
"What a disappointment" I said.
"Now" she said, "Don't disappoint me" and old waman xxxgx she took my hand away from my dick and mounted me. Fortunately, I was not at a point when I was about to come, I could give her a real /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck.