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My wife is a runner, she runs nearly everyday. One day while out she ran past a construction site, She could here the guys hooting and hollering, but she doesnt speak Spanish. She, smiled back and kept running. The next couple times she ran by she turned off her headphones and listened. She got home and looked at the translation app on her phone. It was what she thought, they were talking about her bouncing breasts and ass. She got a little worked up thinking about it. Her next few runs she wore a a little less and less.
After a few weeks of her, running by she got the nerve to stop.

She said they were saying something as she ran by and she stopped, turned and walked up to them. She said they immediately got quiet and the crew leader came over to her and started to apologize. She stopped him and said no need, i xxx was just wondering if you had a card. I need some work done and would love to get a bid. He said ok and handed her one. She made small talk for a minute and asked when they would be done here? He said tomorrow is our last day. She noticed he kept looking at her Tits as he spoke. she was getting hot just thinking about it. she thanked him and waived to the guys and ran off.

The next day as she prepared for her run she made sure to wear, her newest sports bra it was a little small and pushed her tits into great viewing. She also put on her smallest pair of shorts, they have the word juicy written across the ass. she also put on a fanny pack. she started out on her run and ran a little out of the way, saving the site for the last part of the run. she got a block away and ducked down an alley, there she peeled off her shirt, and fluffed her breasts getting the tops to spill out porn videos download a little over the bra. as she rounded the corner, she seen them they were all but finished up sitting outside drinking a beer.

She ran up the sidewalk stopped and smiled at the guys. She walked past the crew leader making eye contact and headed into the house. Inside she found an old couch and a kitchen table. probably for their brakes. She turned around and the crew leader was right behind her. he smiled and she smiled back. he turned to shut the door, and she stopped him. Hey she said and reached her hand into the fanny pack and pulled out a large box of rubbers. He looked a little shocked, smiled and turned around and yelled for them to come in.

Ten men walked in, she gulped and threw the box at them. They passed them around. She slowly began running her hands over her body, massaging her tits, her nipples stood at full attention. their gaze engulfed her. She peeled her sports bra off over her head, her tits cascaded out. She heard a quiet mmmmm from them. next she slid her shorts down, her panties were soaked from her sweat and pussy juices. spinning around and leaning on the table, she slipped her fingers onto her pussy lips poking and spreading them apart for the men. She looked back and smiled and nodded to the first guy.

He walked up behind her and started rubbing her ass, and grabbing at her tits. He dropped his pants and slipped on the condom. He thrust into her as deep and as hard as he could. she moaned in delight, She looked back and seen the other men were getting naked. The musky smell of the men mixed well with the smell of sex in the small room. The first guy was just about finished when she tightened her pussy on his cock. this sent him over the edge. she felt his cock pulsating,she could feel his cock emptying inside of her and this made her cum right along with him. Two more guys followed suit, then she realized that, that she did not have a good view of them and they could not see her very well bent over the table. She stood up after the last man finished, and walked to the couch, she grabbed one by the hand and sat him down. she then climbed on him reverse cowgirl, so everyone could see her and she could see them.

Her tits bouncing up and down as she fucked their friend. her fingers playing with her clit and working their way to his balls. She had another come up to her and start playing with her tits squeezing her nipples. She grabbed his cock and started sucking, she could taste the sweat of the day on him. She sucked on him for a bit, then pushed him back and dismounted the guy who was beneath her, she turned around and climbed back on. she buried his head in her tits and made him suck long and hard on her nipples. after a minute of this he came. she lifted her self up and had the guy she was sucking sit down.

Once again reverse cowgirl, and once again inviting another up to suck on his cock. She did this back and forth with each guy until there were no more. This was here first gang bang, we had only done threesomes before this. After finishing them all off, she stood there for a second, admiring what she did, one of them offered her a bottle of water. she drank it, and then poured the rest of it down her body, washing the sweat off her tits. She got dressed and continued her run. she told me that night it was great all the guys were incredible, there was no problems and they were all like gentlemen.