A Sloppingly Wet Time

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A Sloppingly Wet Time

*** Directed Affection

I knocked on her apartment door. I really enjoyed coming over to her place. Mine wasn't nearly as fancy. I heard quick footsteps and the door quickly opened.
”Jake!” Alexandra exclaimed. She made it seem like she hadn't seen me in a decade. I had just been over two nights ago.
”How are you Sandra.” I remarked as I stepped inside.

”Good, I'm good. How are you?” She was excited. I was too, but I was able compose myself. Her excitement was very exposed.
”I'm excellent. It was a nice drive over.”
”Good, I'm glad you had a nice drive.” She Leaned over and gave me a kiss on my lips. Her wavy brown hair /hung/">hung above her shoulders neatly. She had a very pretty face and an even neater body. I felt her /breasts/small-breasts/">small breasts pressed against my body through her lushly smooth pink robe.

”Okay,” I said as I pulled away. These kisses of hers were nice. But we had more lively things to do. I noticed her face tense as I pulled away. She full hd xvideo download must”ve thought she had done something offensive. I gave her another kiss just to calm her nerves.

After a few moments she pulled away and smiled at me. ”I'm so glad you came,” she chirped. ”I went to the spa today and got myself totally free porn movies download ready.” She motioned with her hand down to her groin. I could already feel her clean and smooth vagina.
”So you wanna go to your room and get your things ready?” I suggested, ”I'll be there in a minute.”

”Sure Jake.” She said while bouncing around in her short bathrobe and bare feet. Man” she was hot. I took off my sweater and threw it onto the couch and kicked off my boots. I gave her a few seconds to get comfortable while I went to the kitchen and grabbed a jar of Nutella. I then headed off to her room while tasting the delicious chocolate spread.

She laid there on her bed facedown, bare beneath her robe. The bathrobe's tiny hem barely covered her ass. I could already see some glistening between her legs. ”Shhh,” I began in calm and hushed voice, ”let your mind take you to a comfortable place.” I gently placed a hand on her ankle. ”Everything is relaxed” There is no pressure, no anxiety, just the relaxing ambience of this special place you”re now in.”

This is how we always began our fantasies. We would always go through this or another similar motion as to ”lighten ourselves up”. I move my hands up to her calves and began massaging the muscles in her legs. I felt her legs relax as my hands worked her tenseness away. ”Calm”Everything is calm.” I stood a few feet from the bed and dimmed the lights. Sandra had a nice apartment so things looked /real/real-sexy/">real sexy. I took my shirt off and cast it aside. She always made sure to mention my physique so I made sure to undress whenever suitable.

I listened in silence to her breathing for a few minutes. Her breathing slowed down and I noticed how calm she became. This was good-her body was ready. Her bathrobe remained where it was, exposing the cusp of her legs. I couldn't see much detail because of the darkness I created from dimming the lights. But I knew that she was wet because of the stain that remained between her legs on the neatly starched sheets of her bed.

I was excited to begin because I had thought of a good scene we could act out.

”When you awaken you will be in another world,” I began, ”a world where your current identity does not exist. In this world you have cheated, lied and stolen from powerful people. They sold you off as a slave to an esteemed psychologist who is trying to change your behaviors and mend you into an orderly civilian. His methods demand that you see sexual activity as rewarding conduct. He cares about you and tries to reward you, but sometimes punishment is necessary to make sure your conditioning works. He rehearses many sexual activities-multiple times a day to break you in.” I stroked her leg further, brushing up her bathrobe. I noted the stain between her legs had spread. I got a peek at her vagina and noted how wet she was.

Her cunt glistened with her womanly juices as her legs splayed apart in anticipation of our fantasy. In fact I was convinced at time that she enjoyed our role-play almost more than I did.

”He uses you as a prop for his parties,” I continued. ”Originally you felt shamed and humiliated for being used for those people's entertainment. Your /master/">master is upset because of your hesitations and tentativeness. Your performance was additionally very poor, a direct result of your nervousness””
I moved my hands to her ass, continuing the relaxing motions of my hands. ”But over time you have gotten better and you”re hoping to prove to him that your work is indeed better. Tomorrow he is having a /party/big-party/">big party and he wants to make sure your performance is of the highest quality and is remembered by all the guests.”

I thought about removing my dark dress designer jeans. Na” I would keep them on” It would go well with the look I was trying to pull off”
I reached under her bed and took out the neatly arranged storage container of /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys she had amassed over our two years of dating. I uncovered the lid and placed the container neatly on her glass computer desk. It was filled to the brim with various sorts of dildos, anal plugs, vibraters, inflatables and gags” We were experienced to say the least.

”Awaken Sandra,” I instructed her, ”We have some work to do.”

She slipped off her bathrobe and climbed off her bed. She looked stunning in the half-lit room. The dim light illuminated her figure making her voluptuous body seem even curvier than it was. Her collar bone appeared extra defined and gave her the look of the esteemed woman that she really was. She got on her knees and looked me in the eye awaiting my further commands. Her pussy juices crept down her thighs. I saw her wipe herself off and I pretended not to notice. I really appreciated how enthusiastic she was about all this funky sex. In fact I would love to read a book written by her about the experiences she feels when acting out these fantasies.

I clamped a leather collar around her neck. ”Sandra” I said, pitching my voice into a growl voice. ”Spread your legs and arms out on the floor.” She laid down onto the shiny wooden floor and took an eagle formation without saying a word. I attached a leash to her neck and gave it a small tug to demonstrate the power which I now had. I attached a leather belt, which truthfully looked more like a legless harness, around her hips. The leather pulled tightly on her flesh. I could see the muscle tone in her abdomen from the tightness of the belt. Her stomach was flat from all the work she spent in the gym. Sandra was particularly fond of her body and made it a point to always dress in a way to show so. Yet I was still amazed seeing her physique so close.

I loosened the belt a notch so as to leave her soft skin unscathed. I stood on top of her, straddling her body between my two legs. I bent down and pulled strongly on the belt around her, forcing her ass high into the air. The rest of her body remained spread out flat. I bent down further to fondle her clitoris with two of my fingers. Her vagina was smooth and firm. The amount of wetness coming out of her amazed me. I felt her stir as she let out an erogenous moan. I pulled tightly on her collar's leash. ”You must remain quiet,” I commanded as I stroked her clit some more. Her body trembled with eroticism. I released her leash and dug my fingers deeper inside of her. I pulled out and let my finger glide over her lushly smooth asshole a few times. It was firm and tight. My back had begun to ache from the bending I was doing so I stood up and stretched my back.

Sandra was obsessive about removing every hair from her vagina and ass and she was completely bare. After resting my back I bent down again slowly placed my index finger firmly inside her sky-high rosemary. I wasn't working with any lubricants so my finger didn't slide in as easily as it usually did, but my finger eventually wriggled itself into her tight shivering asshole. I used my finger to writhe inside her asshole gently, feeling the warmth and privacy of her anus.

I released my hand and stood up. My back made a loud ”crack” as all the tension of my bending was released. I then took a step towards the box of toys. ”Come on girl,” I said as I pulled on her leash. She crawled obediently behind me, keeping her beautiful eyes fixed onto mine. I reached into the box and pulled out a long thin dildo. I handed it to her. Without saying a word she placed it into her mouth with quick deep strokes. She stuck it far enough in her throat to cause her to gag. She then she spat out the wads of saliva from her gagging onto the dildo and continued her work regagging herself some more. It was only a matter of seconds before her saliva was dripping onto the floor into a neat little puddle.

”Good job Sandra doll.” I said as I dug my fingers deep into the jar of Nutella. I reached my now chocolate-covered fingers toward her mouth. She replaced the dildo with my fingers, indulging herself in the delight of the /sweet/">sweet creamy chocolate.

I pulled her towards me with the finger I had in her mouth. Once she was right in front of me I slapped her lightly across her face. ”You”re getting my hand dirty you mindless bitch!” I remarked stanchly as I pulled on her waist with her belt causing her to fall over onto her side.
”I'm so sorry,” she apologized. I slapped her ass firmly leaving a rosy handprint behind. I then stood up.

”Be sorry,” I ordered as I rested the heel of my bare foot on her hip. I reached into the box and took out a medium-sized smooth purple butt-plug. I put the butt-plug on the desk and bent down beside. ”Take your dildo to your asshole.” I commanded.
She lay on her side and brought her knees up to her breasts so that she could reach her genitals with both hands. She began fondling her ass as told. The lubricated dildo slid right into her beckoning rosemary. I stood up to the desk and retrieved the smooth silicone butt plug.

”Stop with the dildo and put this in your asshole.” She did as she was told again, but the plug did nothing more than smother her ass as it wasn't lubricated. It amused me to watch her struggle to insert it. After watching her fail I let out a laugh and bent down behind her. I took my hand and wiped some of her overflowing pussy juices toward her asshole. ”Here you go doll. Maybe this will work better.”

She immediately gasped with delight as the plug slipped right into her anus. I crouched behind her and moved the tip of the purple dildo she held touch her clitoris. She shuddered. I then pumped her hand firmly into her swelling vagina. Her hips rose forward as she struggled to control her invigoration. She let an inadvertent moan slip out and she let out a cry of /ecstasy/">ecstasy. I gave her leash a firm tug to quiet her, but this only invigorated her. By her twisting on the floor I could judge that she was well into an orgasm. I decided to let her have it and shook her hand off the dildo.

I began pumping her vagina vigorously with the tool. I felt her shove the anal plug firmly up her anus as it pressed against her vaginal wall creating pressure inside of her. She clasped my arm that held the dildo with her hands and began pulling my hand forcing the dildo deeper inside of her. ”HARDER!” She begged, ”OH!” She gasped, ”JAKE-FUCK!” She let out a wail as she slipped into the ecstasy of an orgasm.